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Alpine Timber Price list
Current from 1st June 2018

Alpine Timber SLEEPERS Price list
Current from 1st June 2018

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Fencing timber is sold in packages based on a complete metre rate which includes:

  • rails
  • palings
  • plinth
  • posts

to build a 2.7m panel of fence.

Alpine Timber sources the best available grades of timber.  Low quality, cheaper timber is likely to warp, twist, crack or split very quickly - a real false economy.

Pricing varies according to the finished fence heights per linear metre:

Height $ per linear metre
1.65m $27.10 (with 2.1m post)
1.95m $29.80 (with 2.4m posts)
2.25m $35.40 (with 2.7m posts)
2.55m* $38.90 (with 3.0m posts and four rails)






This pricing excludes:

  • Starter post
  • Nails
  • Cement
  • Delivery

Please call Alpine Timber to discuss your fencing material requirements.