Alpine Timber

Cutek CD50

Alpine Timber strongly recommends that outdoor timber such as decking, decorative feature fences and timber retaining walls be protected from our harsh climate with some form of timber protection.

Our preference for outdoor protective coating is a product called Cutek CD50.  Cutek is a unique penetrating oil that has proven over the past three decades to be the ideal timber protectant as well as decorative coating for exterior timber.

  • Unlike most timber coating, Cutek works by penetration rather than by forming a surface film
  • Cutek will penetrate deeply into any species of timber, including hardwoods and bamboo, to provide water repellency and assist with long term dimensional stability
  • Cutek does not peel off or crack, but helps to control warping, cupping, and splitting; effectively enhancing the service life of timber
  • Cutek is suitable for use on weatherboads, shingles, board & batten, plywood, log buildings, beams, outdoor furniture, deckings, fascia boards, shutters, garage doors, joinery, spa pools, fences, posts - in fact virtually anything made of wood
  • Cutek is available in 10 different colour tones covering just about every major timber species available in Australia.