Alpine Timber


Ecoseal is a copper based, green coloured resealing solution for treated wood products intended for general outdoor applications such as  landscaping, retaining walls, decking and fencing where cutting to length, notching, drilling, machining or other work may expose areas of un-penetrated wood.

Enseal Ecoseal is a “must have” timber sealant for re-sealing the ends of treated pine sleepers after cutting to size.  Pressure treatment at the mill acts as an envelope treatment.  Once the inner sections are exposed to the elements there is a greater likelihood they will begin to rot from the centre of the sleeper.  Re-sealing the ends of sleepers with a product such as Ecoseal helps to limit this from occurring. 

  • Ecoseal is easy to apply – it is supplied in an aerosol pressure can
  • Goes a long way when applied correctly
  • For resealing of treated timber products where cutting to length, rebating, notching, drilling or other work during installation or fitting exposes fresh timber surfaces.
  • Ecoseal is suitable for timber surfaces that are above ground as in H2 and H3 situations and for in-ground H4 as defined in AS1604.
  • In H5 situations a cut end must not be placed in ground contact.